Get CNG-certified, to get on track towards your net zero emission targets for 2050!

Gradually we have come to understand the scale of our impacts, but we are frankly not so fast yet with bending the curve of climate change. We have reached the stage where we cannot wait to act, and this is clear by the momentum for change that is being gained each day. That is, there is a window of opportunities: technologies and resources are available, there’s wide-spread public attention for the topic, and most of all, there is an expressed need, formalized in the Paris Agreements, as well as strong willingness from the private sector, to really make a start now.

Our CNG Certification Program offers the unique possibility for your organization to systematically get on track towards the emission reduction targets, yet it also brings additional benefits in the form of access to additional resources, as well as permits to distinct yourself through the use of the CNG label, allowing you to make claims about your achievements and certification status.

I have a solid background in standards and certification and will do my utmost best to make the CNG certification program credible, cost-efficient and scalable, so that we can really create large-scale impact. I hope you will join this journey, and get your organization and/or products also CNG-certified!

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