Climate Neutral Certification
Reduction is key

Many programmes offer net zero pathways and allow climate neutrality claims only by using offsetting. But our Climate Neutral Certification Programme goes further: clients need to gradually reduce their own emissions each year. The aim is to get close to zero emissions in 2050 for organisations and for certified products; the emissions reduction target is 25% by 2030. Read more about this approach in our position paper.

Why so ambitious? Because we firmly believe that simply offsetting is not going to save the world. We invite you to join our journey to zero CO2 and start on the road to becoming certified and acknowledged for your efforts!


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Independent Climate Neutral Label
For Organisations, Products, and Services

This programme uses a structured method and various tools to accelerate your climate policy towards zero CO2 and makes it visible to your stakeholders. All steps taken to reduce your CO2 emissions and offset the remainder are independently tested against clear criteria. This means you can use the Climate Neutral Certified label for your organisation, product, or service. The Climate Neutral Group has followed the ISEAL Codes of Good Practice in the development process of the standard and is an approved Community Member of ISEAL, the global membership association for credible sustainability standards. In addition, our customers are independently assessed (audited and certified) by independent third parties known as certification bodies. This guarantees the quality of the programme.

Why choose Climate Neutral Certification?

Climate policies often have unclear goals, a fragmented approach, and invisible results. With the Climate Neutral Certification Programme, you ensure that your climate policy matches globally agreed goals and that it is consistently and firmly embedded in your organisation. You can also show the independently verified steps you have taken to become climate neutral – that you calculated your CO2 emissions, reduced them as much as possible and offset the remaining CO2 with certified compensation projects.

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Why does the programme
work for you?

By following the programme, your organisation takes the right qualitative steps: an insight into CO2-emissions, reduction, and offsetting. It gives a clear shape to your internal sustainability programme. You are in control because it works as a management tool that allows you to critically review internal processes and your suppliers relating to this area. It also prepares your organisation for stricter rules in the future. You can be progressive and innovative, which contributes to a climate-friendly future. The standard gives your organisation a ‘licence to operate’. The ‘Climate Neutral Certified’ label is also available for products and services.


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100% climate neutral Brabant Water

“We have been actively working towards sustainability since 2007. Starting in 2012, we accelerated the implementation of reduction measures. For us, the ‘Climate Neutral Guaranteed’ certification is logical, and the annual audit is an excellent external check of our policy, our footprint and the reduction measures. It also challenges us.”

Brabant Water Management Read more

Bunzl would like to lessen its impact on the environment

“We see limiting our environmental and climate impact and contributing to raising users’ awareness as an important task in the area of our social responsibility.”

Bunzl Management Read more

PLUS Introduces the First Climate Neutral Certified Banana

Good food with care for both people and planet.
The PLUS supermarket chain chose Fairtrade years ago and they are now embracing certified climate neutral products for their house brands. Production chains are being made transparent, including the impact on the climate. “We are delighted that consumers appreciate our sustainability and health efforts,”

Eric Leebeek Commercial Director Read more

Leading the way in reducing CO2-emissions

“The Climate Neutral Group has supported us on many fronts in order to make our sustainability policy effective. With the CO2 Management tool, we not only get continuous insight into our CO2 emissions, but it also supports our efficient CO2 administration. Using the tool, we monitor the effect of the measures we’ve taken so we can quickly adjust them as needed. We can also present our Board of Directors with a quarterly CO2 report, which makes sustainability a real and integrated part of our operations.”

Henriëtte Davelaar PGGM Read more

Carbon Neutral Dairy from Arla Foods Netherlands

“With the Climate Neutral Group’s certification, we give our consumers and customers the assurance that what we do and say is correct. We are also strengthening our sustainability programme, because we are going through an annual monitoring and audit process.”

Lindy van der Veen CSR & Communications Manager at Arla Foods Nederland. Read more

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