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Understanding the spirit of the programme

  • Encourages good practices related to greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions
  • In accordance with the Paris Agreement, a status of Zero emissions needs to be achieved globally by 2050, so that the worst effects resulting from climate change are mitigated
  • A strong focus on internal reductions, whereby the targets set forth in the Paris Agreement are converted into corresponding ‘Annual Reduction Targets’
  • Organisations wishing to become certified against the Climate Neutral Certification Standard need to make commitments to reduce their GHG emissions themselves gradually year after year and offset their remaining emissions, in order to reach a ‘climate neutral’ status for their ‘Organisation’ and/or ‘Product or Service’

What? | Organisation

Every organisation has a carbon footprint by using energy, their mobility, transport, commuting and international business travel (flying). These are all own scope 1 & 2 emissions and non-attributable scope 3 emissions organisations need to gradually reduce  each year. The aim of the Climate Neutral standard is to get (close to) an absolute zero emissions in 2050. This global ‘Paris Agreement Target’ is converted into a so called ‘Annual Reduction Target’ for certified organisations on their baseline footprint. All steps taken to reduce CO2 emissions and offset the remainder are independently tested against clear criteria by independent third parties, Certification Bodies.

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What? | Products

For many organisations, production companies, the majority of their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions lie outside their own operations in their supply chain. These days there is more and more focus to reduce these emissions and take the responsibility for so-called ‘scope 3’ emissions. Production companies know they have more influence than ever in controlling these emissions. And on the other hand, shareholders are having higher demands and more conscious consumers choose with respect for the environment. For ambitious productions companies and retailers (private labels) the Climate Neutral Certification Standard offers a structured method to gradually reach the programme’s target of 25% reduction by 2030. Reached the certified status? It will be recognisable by the on-pack Climate Neutral Certified label. Learn more about product and service certification and about the key benefits of a sustainable product supply chain.

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What? | Services

Getting your services Climate Neutral Certifed is possible also. The same criteria are relevant as when certifiying  product. So a 25% reduction target in 2030. If only one service is provided, the organisation can be certified Climate Neutral Certified, in most cases, at the same time.


Cases for Inspiration

PLUS Introduces the First Climate Neutral Certified Banana

Good food with care for both people and planet.
The PLUS supermarket chain chose Fairtrade years ago and they are now embracing certified climate neutral products for their house brands. Production chains are being made transparent, including the impact on the climate. “We are delighted that consumers appreciate our sustainability and health efforts,”

Eric Leebeek Commercial Director Read more

A Climate Neutral Florist

“Sustainability has been an important theme for us since bloomon was founded in 2014. By opting for certification under the Climate Neutral standard from Climate Neutral Group, we are already 100% climate neutral, plus we are challenged to reduce even more every year. We have already gotten started and we look forward to making our sector more sustainable as well as providing inspiration for our sector”

Roy Barnhoorn Sourcing & Sustainability manager. Read more

Making Climate Neutral Cheese with CONO

“We are proud of the steps we have already taken to reduce our CO2 emissions and are committed to doing more every year. The CNG Climate Neutral standard helps us in monitoring and adjusting our reduction measures in line with the Paris Climate Agreement.”

Grietsje Hoekstra Commercial Director Read more

100% climate neutral Brabant Water

“We have been actively working towards sustainability since 2007. Starting in 2012, we accelerated the implementation of reduction measures. For us, the ‘Climate Neutral Guaranteed’ certification is logical, and the annual audit is an excellent external check of our policy, our footprint and the reduction measures. It also challenges us.”

Brabant Water Management Read more

Weleda - A Climate Neutral Certified Organisation

“At Weleda, sustainability has been anchored in our business strategy for over 90 years. We not only make natural products but also want to be sustainable as a company. Our Dutch company is therefore Climate Neutral Guaranteed. A conscious choice. We will continue to take more energy-saving measures to reduce our Carbon Footprint. To be continued!”

Richard van der Hoek Adjunct directeur - Weleda Read more

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