Climate Neutral Certification Program

The Climate Neutral Certification program uses a structured method to accelerate towards Zero CO2, on track with the Paris Climate Agreement. All steps taken to reduce CO2 emissions and offset the remainder are independently tested against clear criteria by independent third parties, Certification Bodies. Depending on the Certification scope, the Climate Neutral Certified label can be used for organisations, products and services. ISEAL’s Codes of Conduct are followed, which guarantees the quality of the program. If you are interested in the full Development process of the program, please click here >>

Program Documents 

1) The Climate Neutral Standard (vs 1.0), 
2) The Trademark and Claims Policy (vs 1.1)
3) The Assurance Protocol (vs 1.0)
4) The Complaints Procedure (vs 1.0)
Note: diverse annexes available, scroll down

Certification Bodies to contact for verification audits

Preferred by Nature
Mr. Ondrej Tarabus,, tel: + 34 (0)6 05 63 83 83 (Spain)

Mrs. Liana Morera,, tel: +33 (0)6 70 09 34 26 (France), or
Mrs. Linda Sunnen,, tel: +33 (0)6 30 14 08 66 (France)

Dutch-speaking auditors are available. Kindly request above contact persons.

List of annexes per Document:

Climate Neutral Standard:
Annex 2: Sector Benchmark Tool (latest version 5 January 2021)
Annex 3a: Database with Permitted Emission Factor Sources & Secondary Data Sources
Annex 3b: Database with Permitted Footprint Calculation Methods (latest version: 09 March 2021)
Annex 6a: Reduction Calculation Tool – for Certification of the Organisation
Annex 6b: Reduction Calculation Tool – for Certification of a Product/ Service
Annex 7: Self-Assessment Tool (also used as pre-assessment tool or audit checklist)

The Reduction Plan Template for certification of an Organisation or certification of a Product/ Service.

Complaints Procedure 
Annex 1: Fillable Complaints Form
Annex 2: Fillable Appeal Form

See the full Development Process of the Climate Neutral Certification program >>

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