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Climate policies often have unclear goals, a fragmented approach, and invisible results. With the Climate Neutral Certification Programme, you ensure that your climate policy matches globally agreed goals and that it is consistently and firmly embedded in your organisation and the supply chain of your products and services. The programme shapes your climate policy. You are in control because it works as a management tool. It also prepares your organisation for stricter rules in the future. The standard helps you to be progressive and innovative, contributing to a climate-friendly future.

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Who and What?

Are you committed to combatting climate change and reducing your emissions to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement? And if most of your emissions are in your supply chain, do you want to take your responsibility there? In both cases, the Climate Neutral Certification Programme will work for you; get your organisation, products, and services certified. All the steps you take will be tested by an independent certification body against the standards. With a positive result, you can use the ‘Climate Neutral Certified’ trademark and make credible climate neutral claims. You will achieve formal and visible recognition for your efforts.

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  1. Calculate your (product) carbon footprint according to the defined organisational and operational boundaries and define the baseline.
  2. Define the annual reduction target and CO2 reduction plan, then measure and monitor results: Plan – Do – Check – Act.
  3. Offset (compensate) the emissions that remain with carbon credits. Investments in an emission-reduction project in your supply chain of the certified product is also possible (‘insetting’).
  4. Become certified via an audit by an independent auditor (certification body).
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The Standard

Programme documents and research library

1) The Climate Neutral Standard
2) The Trademark and Claims Policy
3) The Assurance Protocol
4) The Complaints Procedure

Various annexes are available, such as tools and templates which support your pathway in becoming certified. Are you interested in an overview of the complete programme? You can download it here.

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Show what you stand for

Offsetting your CO2 emissions is part of an ambitious strategy and is necessary for achieving the climate goals. Innovations and solutions for reducing CO2 can help you towards Absolute zero in the long term. Carbon offsetting is a great solution for getting there now: you immediately ensure that your remaining CO2 emissions do not end up in the atmosphere. By offsetting, you invest in a climate project that reduces the CO2 produced elsewhere. Offsetting creates an impact that goes beyond the climate and contributes to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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