Product Certification is all about
measuring, reducing, and offsetting emissions in your supply chain

It is becoming the norm to take the responsibility for the climate impact in your supply chain. Large organisations in − for example, the FMCG sector and the fashion and sportswear industry − are placing reduction of CO2 in their supply chains high on the CSR agenda. Some are real leaders in this field. It is well known that for these types of companies the majority of carbon emissions and cost reduction opportunities lie outside their own operations in their ‘Scope 3’. Getting control of these CO2 emissions has a lot of advantages.

Please note: for service certification the above is also valid; keep this in mind when we refer to ‘product’. Of course, services will have other types of emission sources in their supply chain / Scope 3.

Importance of getting grip
on the emissions in your supply chain

Your stakeholders and clients become more critical since climate change and the urgency to take action is in the news a lot. For keeping them ‘on board’ and assure your licence to operate it is wise to sustain your supply chain. And in the future new regulations, as a price on carbon, are to be expected. Realise that you have an enormous circle of influence to accelerate to zero CO2, necessary for our planet and our future generations.
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Why choose Climate Neutral Certification?

Climate policy often has unclear goals, a fragmented approach, and invisible results. With the Climate Neutral Certification Programme, you ensure that your climate policy matches globally agreed goals and that it is consistently and firmly embedded in your organisation. You can also show the independently verified steps you have taken to become climate neutral – that you calculated your CO2 emissions, reduced them as much as possible and offset the rest with certified compensation projects.

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