Have you already read the position paper ‘Achieving Absolute zero emissions by certification‘? That probably answer all your questions. 

  • What is the purpose of the Climate Neutral Certification Program?

    The need to combat climate change is urgent, more than ever. According to the latest report (AR6) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the world would have to curb its carbon emissions to achieve a global climate neutral status by 2050. The next coming decade will be crucial.
    The Climate Neutral Certification Standard offers a pragmatic and systematic approach to contribute to the realisation of this climate neutral status.

  • Who or what can be certified?

    Any type of organisation, product and service can be certified.

  • Why should I become Climate Neutral Certified?
    • The Standard shapes your sustainability programme and works as a management tool leading to operational efficiency and cutting costs.
    • It prepares your organisation for more stringent (inter)national laws and regulations in the future.
    • It helps you to be innovative and accelerate the transition towards an organisation and/or products with less climate impact.
    • It will assure your ‘licence to operate’.
  • What are the key guarantees of being certified?
    • Being certified guarantees your reduction progress on the pathway towards Absolute zero and a credible Climate Neutral claim.
    • Having your climate policy and reduction strategy and measures under control via a plan-do-check-act cycle.
    • Your carbon offsets for the compensation of residual emissions meet high integrity voluntary carbon standards and will be less every year.
  • How can I get my organisation, product, brand or service become Climate Neutral?

    Below are the main steps following the criteria in the Standard:

    • Calculate your (product) carbon footprint.
    • Define the annual reduction target;
    • Plan – Do – Check – Act: plan and implement your reduction measures, evaluate if they were sufficient, and correct if not.
    • Compensate or inset the residual emissions.
    • Become certified via an audit by an independent Certification Body.
    • Communicate with the Climate Neutral Label.
  • How much should I reduce?

    The Program makes a distinction between the certification of an organisation, product or service.

    • For certification of the organisation itself: The target = 0 emissions by 2050; Absolute zero. Please note: if prescribed nationally, an interim target may apply, such as in the Netherlands, i.e., 49% reduction by 2030).
    • For the certification of a Product or Service: The target = 25% reduction by 2030.
  • I already have the footprint of my organisation and/or several products calculated and I am well on the way to reduction. Do I have advantages?

    It is important that the methods and tools you have used for setting scope and boundaries, footprint calculations and emission factors and data are according to methods and sources accepted by the Standard, such as the GHG Protocol, diverse ISO an EU standards and diverse LCA tools for product footprint calculations. If it is according to the Standard you certainly may have an advantage. The same counts for reductions already achieved in the past years. Please get in touch with us, so that we can check what advantages you may have.

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