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Climate Neutral Group

Climate Neutral Group (CNG) has been a leader in climate solutions entrepreneurship since 2002, when they emerged from two start-ups. They were backed by their founders: Triodos Bank and DOEN Participations. Today, CNG is active globally with offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, and two offices in South Africa. As a member of the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance (ICROA) since 2008 and B Corp Certified since 2015, CNG stands for qualitatively responsible offsetting in addition to insight, footprinting, reduction, and project development. As a B-to-B partner and a leader in the climate arena, CNG is able to realise their mission for Absolute zero CO2, thanks to the confidence of its clients. CNG aims for positive climate impact, which is why they continually invest in strengthening their team, tools, and finally an independent certification standard.

From a company programme ‘Climate Neutral Guaranteed’ towards an independent ‘Climate Neutral Certification Standard’

Several years ago, CNG launched their own certification programme, ‘Climate Neutral Guaranteed’, to help organisations in becoming ‘climate neutral’ and/or to deliver products or services that are climate neutral. Because of their own internal drive for professionalism, CNG decided in 2018 to further develop this certification programme following the ISEAL Codes of Good Practice. This was also triggered by their clients’ needs, increasing demands for independent verification, the ‘climate debate’ becoming high on the agenda, and expected upcoming (regulatory) changes for the voluntary carbon market. In early 2019 CNG started a programme development process with an experienced programme manager and the needed resources and budget. After several public stakeholder consultations, the establishment of an advisory committee and the selection of accredited certification bodies, CNG launched their revised programme as a standard on 1 September 2020, which has become mandatory from 1 January 2021. After the first six months of audits and seeing an increased number of organisations seeking certification and had already started, CNG is ready for the next step: establishing a separate foundation for its certification programme.

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