Main office
L’isle Jourdain, France

Certification Programmes
CNG Climate Neutral Certification, organic certifications, MSC, FSC, PEFC, Rainforest Alliance, Global GAP, HACCP, IFS Food, BRC Food, Label Bas Carbone, GOTS, Ethical Biotrade, Fair for Life, Fair Wild, For Life, IPI Standard (development and initial verification, in conjunction with Pur Projet), VCS verification insetting projects.

Audits in 100+ countries (69% food)

Added Value
Ecocert is specialized in supply chain approaches and verification and have an extensive experience in assessing and evaluating supply chains across the world.

Contactdetails for verification audits
Mrs. Liana Morera,, tel: +33 (0)6 70 09 34 26 (France), or
Mrs. Linda Sunnen,, tel: +33 (0)6 30 14 08 66 (France)

Auditors are available who can work in different languages. Please send your request to one of the above contacts.

Preferred by Nature

Main office
Copenhagen, Denmark

Certification Programmes

CNG Climate Neutral Certification, FSC, LegalSource, Sustainable Biomass Programme, PEFC, RSPO, Carbon Footprint Management, Rainforest Alliance, Sustainable Rice Platform, Sustainable Tourism, SmartLogging

Audits in 100 +countries

Added value
Leverage experience with the CFM programme, coffee supply chain, and in RA certification on farms (option for combined audits).

Contactdetails for verification audits
Mr. Ondrej Tarabus,, tel: + 34 (0)6 05 63 83 83 (Spain)

Consider a pre-assessment
before starting your formal audit.

For more information, please get in touch with us.