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Climate Neutral Group (CNG) has been a leader in climate solutions entrepreneurship since 2002, when they emerged from two start-ups. They were backed by their founders: Triodos Bank and DOEN Participations. Today CNG is active globally via offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, and two offices in South Africa. As a member of the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance (ICROA) since 2008 and B Corp Certified since 2015, CNG stands for qualitatively responsible offsetting in addition to insight, footprinting, reduction, and project development. As a B-to-B partner and a leader in the climate arena, CNG is, thanks to the confidence of its clients, able to realize their mission for zero CO2. CNG aims for positive climate impact, which is why they continually invest in strengthening their team, tools, and finally an independent certification programme.

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‘We are optimistic about what we have achieved in terms of climate impact, the results that we can achieve in the future, and the drive among organisations to move to net zero. The world has accelerated its transition, partly due to Covid-19. We have seen this reflected in wonderful new partnerships with motivated companies and brands. The next step, our renewed Climate Neutral Certification standard for organisations, products, and services, will be the catalyst. With the Climate Neutral Certified label, you achieve a visible and independently verified confirmation of your organisation’s work towards net zero CO2 and the results you have already achieved.’

René Toet, Managing Director

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